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Goodbye surveys!

Simplicity matters to us. Respect your users' time and receive insights the simple way.

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Strategy = Stop / Start / Continue
CPS = Customer Promoter Score
CSAT = Customer Satisfaction Score
CES = Customer Effort Score

Send Out A Question

Email out a simple link to an intuitive, mobile friendly interface that asks a question. It's really super simple for both the sender and the recipient.

Responses can be linked to a user or be anonymous (that's an important use case for employees). We like to be up-front about this and respect the user's privacy.

Review Actionable Information

The system collates all the responses from your users and creates interactive charts so that you can explore the data and act on it. We also create concise and beautiful PDFs for your viewing pleasure.

We focused on not just creating a great experience for the users giving feedback but also how to analyse and structure the responses. Closing the feedback loop just became pleasurable.

Useful and Trusted

"Rekommend is such a simple tool that has revolutionised our customer service!"

Alex, Business Development Manager @ One2Call from Sheffield, United Kingdom

Quantitative + Qualitative

Combine a number with a comment and track your score over time.

Specific Questions

Ask any question that is important to your audience and to your business.

Excel and PDF Reporting

Create beautiful PDFs for easy sharing or dig deeper using Excel. You decide.

Interactive Reports

Explore the results using your report dashboard and see how the data has been turned into actionable information.

Would you recommend surveys that don't suck?