Comparison of NPS / CSAT / CES

Common Customer Experience Metrics Table




Stands for Net Promoter Score Customer Satisfaction Customer Effort Score
What's being asked? Happy to recommend? Happy to do? Happy to get done?
Example Question (live demo) Would you recommend this table on common CX metrics to a friend/colleague? How satisfied are you with this table about common CX metrics? Do you agree that this is an easy representation of common CX metrics?
Scale 0-10 (0: not likely, 10: very likely) 1-5 (1: very unsatisfied, 2: unsatisfied, 3: neutral, 4: satisfied, 5: very satisfied) 1-7 (1: totally disagree, 2: disagree, 3: disagree somewhat, 4: neutral, 5: agree somewhat, 6: agree, 7: totally agree)
Neutral Not defined (7 and 8 are Passives) 3 of 5 4 of 7
Score Calculation % of Promoters - % Detractors, then drop the % % of scores that are > 3 % of scores that are > 4
When to ask Valuation of ongoing relationship, question is kept open on purpose to understand what matters most to the stakeholder Satisfaction with a company or interaction, the party asking the question decides which context the question relates to Ease of a specific interaction or transaction, the party asking the question decides which context the question relates to
Free tool to create a question Free NPS Tool Free CSAT Tool Free CES Tool

Each metric has it's advantages - why not mix and match?

What matters is to be able to get a rating and a comment from your stakeholders and all three metrics listed here (NPS, CSAT and CES) enable you to do that. We wouldn't worry too much about benchmarking yourself to other organisations, there are many different apples out there and ways to skew the results (on purpose or not). If you do compare yourself internally (e.g. over time) make sure it's a fair comparison.

But don't get hung up too much about the score, what matters is that it is trending in the right direction and that you are acting on what your stakeholders want to see done differently / improved. Depending on your sample size the margin of error could be substantial.

Each question on is a unique link that you can send out (works great with MailChimp, Constant Contact etc) - that's it.

The results are then collated in intuitive reports (web and PDF) to help in the analysis. Of course you can easily import this into Excel too.

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