Customer Experience at Leisure Centres

Knowing what to address first helps Retain and Grow Membership

Don't bore your gym members with a survey - they will get annoyed and the only ones who fill it out are the ones who want to be nice to you. Such positive feedback might feel good but it doesn't address the looming cancellations and negative word-of-mouth from unhappy members.

You want the attention and critique from these gym goers who are likely to drop-off or cancel their membership so you have to reduce the barrier for them to tell you what stinks. If you manage to get them to open up there is a great opportunity to engage them and turn these into loyal customers who promote your business.

And are you investing in what really matters to them (be it equipment, staff / classes)? Image courtesy of

Each question on is a unique link that you can send out (works great with MailChimp, Constant Contact etc) - that's it.

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How do you maintain and grow membership?

Members getting value for money and a good experience will renew and also say positive things to their friends and family, helping you recruit new members.

  • Measure and track member's satisfaction ratings
  • Find out what members like and maintain what's working well
  • Find out what members would like to see improved
  • If you know what your members are feeling you can improve their experience at your gym.

    We always like to talk to practioners so please get in touch if you find this interesting and / or have any comments and questions. If you provide Voice of Customer or Customer Experience services then we also offer to co-brand this tool with your brand.

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