Simple Web Feedback Widget

One Question + Many Answers = Great Insights

We always love to keep things simple and easy, for all users.

This includes you, website developers and administrators and we have some very easy ways to get a widget on to your site.

Web Widget

Just add these two lines of code to any site:-

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<div id="rekommend-widget-container">rekommend_URL/minwidget</div>

Replace rekommend_URL with your URL like

Wordpress Plugin

Here is the link to the Plugin in the Wordpress Directory:-

Here is the link to the zip file for manual installation:-

Installing it is easy and you can configure it too. In fact we keep things to simple that just by installing the plugin we create a custom question URL for you that is connected to your Wordpress admin email. You can edit the question right from Wordpress.

Drupal Widget

It's in the works. Contact us, if you want to be notified when it's good to go.

FAQ - Wordpress Widget

Feel free to issue a trouble-ticket should your question not be answered below or if doubts remain.

How do I change the question?

Within your Wordpress Admin area, go to Settings - Simple Feedback Widget.
There you can update the Question text. Just make sure the question fits a response on the Unhappy - Happy Slider.

How can I see the results over time?

You need to create an account on to be able to view results over time. You can also setup more than one question here and choose which question should be live.

Can I ask multiple questions?

We limit asking one question at a time by design. If you have an account on, you can have more than question setup and activate a question anytime. For example you could ask a different question every month and keep the historical data for analysis.

Can I change the location of the widget?

You are free to move it around as it fits your need. Just edit the simple-feedback-widget-css.css file and look for the rekommend-widget-outer-div section.

Can I add variables to the response automatically, such as username or current page?

You can, but it needs some customisation. We can do it for you (send us a note) or you can do it yourself by adding URL Parameters to the rekommend URL. If you want to do it, just add ?var1=examplevariable&var2=thispagexample with examplevariable and thispageexample being populated from Wordpress. You can use var1, var2, all the way up to var10.